Adoption…it’s a good thing.

I have no problem with adoption. It’s very selfless. After you’re informed that you were only put up for adoption because abortion was illegal is when you really begin to feel fancy.

I’ve never seen a living person whom resembled me and the first time I saw a pic of my biomom, grandmother, brothers I had tears streaming down my face.

Speaking for myself only….I connected. All of the questions and wondering disappeared in an instant.  Biomom, (let’s call her Steph) made it clear to her two sons, my full blood brothers, she was about as interested in me now as she was back then. NOT!

That’s ok. No love loss there. A bond that brought tears and goosebumps and throat frogs was instantly experienced between myself and two bro`s.  We would text or talk,if only just a little, every day.

Then someone got jealous. Started intercepting texts… tones changed. Topics of conversation became like small talk with the Wal Mart greeter. Ch-ch-ch changes!

I tried to befriend the jealous beast but it was futile. Fake as cubic zirconia. Then it seemed like a duty to keep in touch with each other


Growing, Growing, Gone :(

When Keith and I first got together Kagen and Harley were getting ready to start kindergarten.  Now my baby, Logan, just graduated from kindergarten.  My how time flies.  You turn around and they’re gone.  Everything left is but a memory, good or bad.  I often think what I could have/should have done with my two older girls and all the mistakes I made.  Lots.  I can’t turn back time but I can learn from my parental mistakes and not repeat them.  All I wish is to have good relationships with my kids when they are adults.   If you can do that then I believe you must have been a pretty good parent!  (Or have a very forgiving child).  I currently have a very forgiving daughter (B), and no relationship with my other daughter (J).   I’ll leave it at that for now.